From Environment to Fûdo

The global environment around us is changing due to human activities. We are now called upon to reduce that impact as much as possible. The environment is considered to exist on its own as an object surrounding us humans. In contrast, we construct architecture from the concept of “Fûdo”. Fûdo is constructed by the existence of people, and people are constructed by Fûdo.This is an interdependent concept. We must aspire to an architecture that is composed of Fûdo. This means not only optimizing the architecture to the environment of the site, but also incorporating the activities and relationships of the people who live there. We aim to create architecture as a story that weaves together the Fûdo and the people.

Initiatives for ZEB: Net Zero Energy Buildings

We will actively make proposals for ZEB and regional recycling of buildings, and will work to increase the ratio of ZEB to more than 50% of all buildings ordered in FY2025.


Masato Ashida

Director Ashida Architect & Associates Co., Ltd.
Co-director ENERGY MEET Co., Ltd.
Co-director Future Research Institute Co., Ltd.